Hemp Hydrate, Demystified

A conversation with acclaimed physical therapist, Dr. Jena Gatses.

Dr. Jena Gatses is a doctor and leading expert in the sport performance, physical therapy, and fitness industry, known for delivering knowledge that is supported by science and clinical experience from within an industry that frequently operates on opinions created from the latest trends. We caught up with her in order to dig deeper into the benefits of hemp-infused products, like our Premium Water and Muscle & Joint Roll-On, and how she incorporates them into her daily practice.

What’s your experience been when trying to introduce people to products infused with hemp-extract?

It can be controversial because many people don’t understand that hemp-infused products, or CBD products, are non-psychoactive, meaning they do not alter your state of mind. Therefore, there is commonly a negative stigma associated with these products, which is unfortunate given how much benefit they can provide.

Hemp and CBD products are often not pushed by doctors because of the limited research there is in the medical field on many things, including these products. Many times, what is pushed by doctors can be much more harmful, such as opioids or other common over-the-counter drugs with insane side effects, while CBD and Hemp are a safe method to preventative care, recovery, and ultimately performance.

As a physical therapist, I take an approach with all of my patients to minimize risks and maximize effectiveness by providing them with solutions like hemp and CBD that are natural and that don’t have alarming side effects.

How do you describe the benefits of hemp-infused products to your clients?

When someone needs to incorporate a supplement or product into their lifestyle that will help with hydration or recovery, or they need more proteins incorporated into their diet, that is usually when I will start recommending hemp and CBD products. I educate my patients on the benefits of hemp such as hemp being a higher source of protein than flax seeds and chia seeds, and also having a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which is an amazing benefit! I inform them that by drinking Hemp Hydrate water, they are combining hydration with hemp’s plant-based properties which is a win-win situation. Hemp is safe, effective, and a great source of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, which can give tremendous nutritional and performance recovery benefits.

How do you suggest your clients use Hemp Hydrate premium water and muscle and joint roll-ons?

Each athlete should have their own specific requirements for how much water to drink based on their training regimen and environment. Generally speaking, it is important to consume about 8 glasses of water per day. If you are training, it is important to drink beverages (for example, 5–7 mL/kg of body weight) at least 4 hours before the exercise task.

The Hemp Hydrate roll-ons can be used before or after training and contain arginine. Arginine is a vasodilator, meaning it dilates blood vessels. A spasming muscle is spasming because the nervous system knows there’s pain or trauma there. If you topically use the roll-on the vasodilator will help calm the nervous system and promote a better environment for the body to heal.

The Hemp Hydrate roll-ons also include lavender, which is linked to better sleep. Again, there’s limited research on lavender, but maintaining an active lifestyle requires good sleep habits.

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