Incorporate Hemp Hydrate Into Your Home Workouts.

We’ll be spending more time indoors for the foreseeable near-future. To avoid rises in atrophy of any kind – mental, physical, soulful – maintain daily workouts at home. Sweat. Move. Use exercise as a way to re-energize, release stress and boost your mood. Maximize this time to get your core strong, and your mind right.

Hemp Hydrate products can help in your pre- and post-workout. Whether you’re walking miles, lifting weights, or training at home, you always want to stay hydrated!

For those with 15-minutes for some cardio or those that can devote one-hour a day streaming a power-packed HIIT session, drink Hemp Hydrate Premium Purified Water before and after your workout. Infused with THC-free hemp extract, you’ll be hydrated and ready to sweat.

Keep our Muscle & Joint Roll-Ons [hyperlink to shop page] on hand to use as well. Try dabbing on either side of your temples to enhance your yoga flow. Choose between two soothing aromas, “Cool Mint” and “Lavender,” and rest-assured in the quality of Hemp Hydrate’s natural, plant-based roll-ons that contain 200 MG of CBD (and 0% THC), and are vegan, gluten- and paraben-free, and non-GMO.

Follow our feed at @HempHydrate to see how other trainers and professional athletes apply Hemp Hydrate to their new normal. The stronger you hit your daily workout, the better you’ll feel. We are in this together.

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