Top 5 Electrolyte Powders of 2024

Top 5 Electrolyte Powders of 2024

You’re laying in your bed at the end of a long day before falling asleep, thinking about how many glasses of water you drank, or didn’t drink that day. One for sure, maybe two? Three to be generous. The guilt kicks in and you tell yourself, yet again, that tomorrow you’ll prioritize drinking a glass of water per hour like the doctor on your TikTok feed recommended. You think to yourself, if only there was an easier way to achieve proper hydration levels. Let us introduce you to the solution to your hydration issues, electrolyte powders!

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are particles in the body that carry either a positive or negative charge. Nutritionally speaking, electrolytes are minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium that are essential in your blood and other bodily fluids. Having proper electrolyte levels is necessary for bodily processes like nerve and muscle function, as well as maintaining optimal hydration. We lose electrolytes through sweat, urine, and blood. People who are more physically active have a higher risk of low electrolyte levels because they are sweating more than someone who is not physically active. This is why you’ll see hydration packets often described as sports drinks.

How to get electrolytes?

Getting electrolytes in your body can be achieved by eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and lean meats. However, the average person is likely not eating the desired amount of these foods on a daily basis to maintain proper electrolyte levels. Which is why companies have created electrolyte powder supplements that will help you achieve your electrolyte goals. Continue reading to learn about our favorite hydration packets of 2024. 

Best Electrolyte Powders of 2024

Electrolyte CBD Powder

At the top of our list we have the Hemp Hydrate Electrolyte CBD powder. This hydration packet is unique because it utilizes the power of CBD in combination with electrolytes to replenish your mind and body with every sip. These electrolyte powders are zero calorie, sugar free, and loaded with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain proper hydration levels. CBD is a compound derived from marijuana plants, and has been known to ease anxiety, inflammation, stress, and brain fog. This compound is not responsible for making the body feel high, unlike its counterpart THC. So taking this electrolyte powder will not cause any marijuana high sensations.

Nuun Sport Powder

You may have heard of this brand from their viral Nuun electrolyte tablets, but did you know that they have a Sport Hydration Packet as well? The main difference between the two products, is that when the hydration tablets are added to your water, they release an effervescent effect, while the Nuun Sport Powder does not. Therefore, if you prefer your drink to not be fizzy, the Sport Hydration Packet is for you. This electrolyte powder is gluten free, Kosher, vegan, and only contains 1g of sugar. Easily add this hydration packet to your water bottle, shake it up, and you’re one step closer to optimal hydration!

LMNT Recharge

The next electrolyte powder we have to mention is the LMNT Recharge hydration packet. This powder contains the three main electrolytes that your body needs to feel recharged and fuelled up – sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Together they work together to help fuel your workouts, and kickstart your day. The LMNT recharge electrolyte powders come in eight enticing flavors like chocolate caramel, watermelon salt, and the fan favorite mango chili. They are sugar free, vegan, keto-friendly, and scientifically proven to improve hydration levels. 

Vital Proteins Hydration + Collagen

Looking for some extra protein as well? Look no further than the Vital Proteins Hydration + Collagen packets. This supplement is currently the only electrolyte powder on the market that includes collagen. Collagen is a protein that holds everything together in our bodies. For example, collagen is a protein that specifically can help with younger and healthier looking skin, nails and hair. So if you’re in the market for a supplement that meets your hydration, and beauty goals, Vital Proteins has you covered.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

You’ve probably heard about Liquid I.V. if you’ve looked into electrolyte powders before. We had to include them on our Top 5 Electrolyte Powders list because they are a staple in the supplement market. What makes this company a game changer, is their willingness to give back. For every purchase made by customers, the company donates a serving to someone in need around the world. These people include communities affected by natural disasters, hospitals, poverty, and more. 

The bottom line

So now that you’ve learned more about electrolyte powders, you no longer need to feel the guilt about missing a few glasses of water throughout the day. Hydration can be achieved through the help of these supplements. Hydration is essential to our overall health and wellness, so it should not be overlooked. To learn more about electrolytes, CBD, and hydration, click here!