Hydrate. Replenish. Recover.

Boost your hydration game with CBD, electrolytes and vitamins.

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Performance powders made for the everyday.

The CBD electrolyte powder of your dreams. No grogginess or bitterness, just the benefits of vitamins, CBD and electrolytes.

  • + Immune system suport
  • + Damaged tissue recovery
  • + Stress and mood balance
  • + Focus and energy
  • + Replenish and rehydrate
  • + Metabolism support
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Added Electrolytes

Enhances your exercise performance and stabilize your blood sugar with added electrolytes.

Vitamin B Complex

Support your metabolism, nervous system and cardiovascular system with vitamin B complex.

Vitamin C

Grow and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. Protect your cells against the effects of free radicals.

25mg of CBD

Nano-emulsified, USA grown CBD. Reduce inflammation, boost your mood and recover quicker.

A science based formula designed for hydration.

Whether you're climbing mountains, racing Ironmans or just going for daily walks, Hemp Hydrate is scientifically formulated to boost your everyday hydration game.

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Your questions, answered.

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