What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid or an active constituent in cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana. CBD, unlike the other primary cannabinoid THC, is non-psychoactive. Research on the positive effects of CBD continues, but this product has become incredibly popular in the health and wellness industry as a safe and advantageous way to self-regulate and restore mind-body balance.

Why drink Hemp Hydrate?

Hemp Hydrate is a restorative beverage that’s truly refreshing. Purified water is infused with hemp-derived CBD, Vitamin C and electrolytes, offering mind-body recovery that run-of-the-mill H20 can’t top. It’s a great way to replenish lost fluids and self-regulate your mind and your body from the inside out.

Will CBD water make me sleepy?

No, CBD-infused water will not make you sleepy. Drinking Hemp Hydrate can reduce inflammation from the inside out, so your muscles and joints may relax, but you’ll still be as energetic and alert as normal! (And well hydrated from drinking electrolyte packed water!)

Will drinking CBD water get me high?

Sorry, folks. Hemp Hydrate contains hemp-derived CBD. There is no THC in our products and that’s the cannabinoid responsible for all those psychological effects associated with smoking or ingesting marijuana. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not alter your overall state-of-mind. You’ll just feel super hydrated, self-regulated, and fully in tune with your mind and your body.

How often can you drink Hemp Hydrate?

We like to drink a bottle or two of Hemp Hydrate daily for optimal hydration and muscle recovery! When you have an active lifestyle, you’re off for a hike, running errands, or just have a busy day at the office, pack a bottle of Hemp Hydrate so your mind and body are treated to pure hydration and the positive benefits of CBD and electrolytes.