What is Nano CBD Water?

nano cbd water

Today, many people have begun to explore the benefits of CBD, hemp, and hemp derivatives in their daily lives. One of the newer products on the market, rising in popularity, is nano CBD water, which contains water soluble CBD.

You might be wondering about the benefits of nano CBD water and whether or not consuming nano CBD water is right for you. Well, there are many potential health benefits to water soluble CBD. We created this guide to explain nano CBD water and the benefits of CBD which is water soluble.

What is nano CBD?

You may know that there are possible health benefits to CBD on its own. Nano-emulsified CBD, commonly known as nano CBD, is a form of CBD which contains very small particles. These particles become water soluble CBD through a process called nano-emulsification. 

What is nano-emulsification? 

Nano-emulsification is when a particle, in this case a CBD particle, is transformed into a much smaller version of itself. This allows CBD oil and water to diffuse together. Nano-emulsified CBD is said to be even more beneficial than regular CBD because it is smaller, and therefore can move through the body more quickly. This way, you can get the full benefits of CBD which is water soluble right away, and more frequently. 

When CBD is nano-emulsified, it creates very tiny drops of hemp extract oil. Although oil and water typically don’t mix, they will mix in nano-emulsified form, because they are small enough to become water soluble

These droplets of nano CBD are about 20-200 nanometers. To get your head around it, 10 nanometers is about the width of a piece of DNA. This very tiny particle makes it easier to fit a stronger dose into a smaller product or, in the case of CBD which is water soluble, a smaller bottle.

What’s CBD?

On its own, CBD is the part of the cannabis plant, and may have many health benefitswithout getting people "high". CBD stands for cannabidiol and is used in a variety of products for its health benefits. CBD is known for possible pain and anxiety relief properties, calming the nerves, aiding with sleep, and reducing symptoms of pain conditions like arthritis. It has also been used to treat inflammation. 

What are some of the possible benefits of nano CBD water? 

The possible benefits of nano CBD water are the same as the possible benefits of CBD, just intensified by the many tiny particles which make up nano CBD water

Nano CBD water is also less expensive than other forms of nano CBD, such as oil or gummies. Dissolving the nanoparticles in water to make CBD water soluble is easily done and therefore can be produced at a lower cost than other forms of CBD. This means by purchasing your CBD in this form, you may save a lot of money in the long run. 

Now you know of the possible benefits of nano CBD water and a little more about what exactly it is. Nano CBD water has so many benefits and is a great addition to your daily routine. 

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