What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD

Today, most people are becoming more aware of the benefits of CBD, hemp, and hemp derivatives. Many people have tried CBD or THC to experience benefits. However, not many people are aware of CBD water, which contains water-soluble CBD.

Did you know that water-soluble CBD has the same benefits as CBD and may even have more benefits, because of the emulsification process? 

There are many benefits to CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties and many benefits to daily use of CBD. But, what really is water-soluble CBD? We wrote this blog post to explain the basics of water-soluble CBD and how it works. 

What is water-soluble CBD? 

Water-soluble CBD is CBD which has been emulsified into very small particles, known as nanoparticles. This process is called nano-emulsification. When a particle is nano-emulsified, it is broken down and converted into a much smaller particle through a scientific process, which improves the CBD water solubility

These nano-emulsified particles are then able to dissolve into the water in a way regular CBD oil isn’t able to, because oil and water don’t mix. But they do mix when the CBD is broken down into nanoparticles. 

These particles are infused into our CBD water, but can also be converted into water soluble CBD powder, which we also carry here at Hemp Hydrate. 

What are the benefits of CBD? 

As you may know, there are many benefits to CBD in any form. Many of these benefits have been scientifically proven. CBD is known for potentially alleviating cancer-related symptoms, improving neurological disorders, easing inflammation, benefiting heart health, and much more. It’s even said to help reduce anxiety and insomnia, so adding a daily dose of CBD to your routine is likely to help you feel more relaxed and sleep better. 

The benefits of CBD are still being studied, but there is lots of scientific evidence of the benefits of its daily use. Many people have begun to integrate CBD as part of their daily routine, and water-soluble CBD is a great way to do that. 

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD? 

Water-soluble CBD is said to have even more benefits than CBD on its own. Because of the tiny nano particles that make up water-soluble CBD and water-soluble CBD powder, the benefits are said to reach your bloodstream even sooner than they would with regular CBD oil or supplements. This means you’ll feel the benefits almost right away. 

Water-soluble CBD is also less expensive to produce than other forms of CBD, because the emulsification process is very easy to do. This means water-soluble CBD products are less expensive than other CBD products, so you’ll be saving money by choosing water-soluble CBD or water-soluble CBD powder to get your daily dose of CBD. 

Water-soluble CBD is a great addition to your daily routine, either in water or water-soluble CBD powder form. Our powder can be mixed into any water to make a refreshing CBD drink. 

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