Dr. Jena Gatses Explains the Benefits of Adding Hemp Hydrate to Your Active Lifestyle.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Jena Gatses has dedicated herself to health and wellness. As a licensed physical therapist, strength coach, corrective exercise specialist, manual therapist, and athlete, understanding the human body is more than just a career, it’s her mission in life.


“I’m very passionate about making the body better as a whole,” says Dr. Gatses. “I didn’t go into [the field] thinking I would just be a physical therapist following the cookie-cutter approach to every situation. I really explore the human body and I explore its function and its capability so that I can really impact someone’s life.”


With this mindset, Dr. Jena has become a leader in the fitness and recovery field because she looks at the big picture and prioritizes long-term, scientifically supported solutions as opposed to quick fixes and performance trends. Hemp Hydrate aligns perfectly with her approach to training professional athletes, NASCAR drivers, celebrities, CEOs, and beyond.


Clinical research on hemp and CBD is on-going, but studies confirm hemp seed contains Omega-3,6, and 9 fatty acids as well as gamma-linolenic acid or GLA. These crucial acids can reduce blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health, thus making them integral for high performance athletes, workout enthusiasts, and any wellness-focused individual.


Dr. Gatses always keeps a fully-stocked cooler of our water inside her gym and recovery rooms. She encourages every client to drink at least one bottle of premium hemp-infused water every day to ensure optimal hydration and as a source of protein.


“I’m always honest and tell clients that Hemp Hydrate won’t do anything by itself because your bad habits always outweigh your good habits.” Dr. Gatses clarifies. “It’s like working out and then going home and eating a pizza and seven Snickers… you’re canceling out what you’re doing, but if you can control one more positive variable to your health with minimal risk—that’s the thing, with minimal risk—why not do it?”


Hemp Hydrate is 100% plant based, 100% THC-free, and 100% supported by Dr. Jena Gatses (PT, DPT, LMT, SFMA, CSCS and Owner of Scientific Fitness), as a no-risk lifestyle addition to support total body wellness. Adding Hemp Hydrate into your routine helps you work smarter, not harder.

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